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  • I just want to thank you soo much for your article on “Daddy Ball” . Just got knocked out of the Colorado Sparklers Jr., by a very good team. At the beginning of the season our original Coach was fired and another Coach took over the team. He brought over several players and parents from his team, including his daughter. I noticed immediately the preferential treatment of his players and his daughter. Other parents noticed too, and we were discussing it during a tournament break. Well word got back to the Coach and he promised to “Black Ball” my daughter and said ” she will never play college ball because he controls communication with college coaches. I took the high road because my daughter works so hard, and has a few friends on the team. Throughout the season she didn’t get playing time, and I encouraged her to be a good teammate and learn in the dugout, Well he kept his promise, because any game a coach that was interested in my daughter came around he put her on the bench. In fact he didn’t let her play at all in CO, but a couple of DH and no defense. I thought I’ve taken all I could, said a prayer, and googled this topic. That is how I found your article, and after reading it…it immediately brought peace and clarity. Thank you soo much!!! We will stay the course and finish this season.

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