Everybody needs someone or something to lift them up on certain days. This game of softball is a game of failure trying to pull us down at every chance. So what I wanted to do was pul some of my favorite quotes from the 60+ blogs I have written on my website.  Even the most talented softball players will have days where they want to give up. Remember, even though there will be down days, the awesome days are just around the corner waiting for you. Be confident. Try to grow every day physically or mentally, or better yet, both. When the failure gets the best of you, it wins Believe in yourself and keep a positive frame of mind…

Amanda Scarborough Softball Quotes

“This game is about the long run. LIFE is about the long run. Pick successes that can build your confidence over time and stay in the process. There is always light at the end of the tunnel, but you can’t see the light if you fall into the trap of all the failures trying to pull you down.”

“Take it one pitch at a time. Take it one day at at time.”

“The majority of players have to learn to be confident, just like players have to learn to throw a ball. It’s a process and it gets stronger the more it’s practiced. Even if you have to fake it to practice it, fake it until it becomes real. You WILL start to believe it.”

“ANYONE can be on a team, but NOT just anyone can be a loyal leader who people look to and who rises above all the negativity and drama.”

“The true definition of confidence has nothing to do with other people who surround us and statistics on a sheet of paper.  The only place that confidence comes is from inside YOU.  Yes, you. Our confidence belongs to us, no one else.”

“Every morning we wake up we have a choice at how we are going to believe in ourselves.  Too easily we forget, especially when we are in the middle of a whirlwind of a season, that every day we wake up is a new day, and you have a choice every morning if and how you are going to believe in yourself.  You own that belief.  No one else does.”

“When you take the field or look at yourself in the mirror, YOU must be the one to believe that YOU are meant to do great things. YOU get to show everyone what you are made of and your love for the game.”

“Realize this: We aren’t going to be perfect with our outcomes/results, in this game of failure we call softball. However, every time you are in a pressure situation it’s a chance to prove that you’re in the “perfect” frame of mind. The “success” and “failure” comes from being in the right frame of mind and giving yourself a chance to have success when the big moment comes; it doesn’t always necessarily come with the outcome, despite what all eyes watching might think. Results will come once the frame of mind has been altered.”

“The only way you won’t “make it” is if you don’t have passion for something and don’t work hard enough at it – with all my heart I believe that. When you have passion for where ever your heart wants to take you, it drives you, it gives you direction and it gives you momentum.  Let your passion push you to your dreams. Your passion is the driving force behind your energy and motivation.”

“Passion creates work ethic.  Work ethic creates possibilities.  Possibilities creates happiness.”


Amanda Scarborough Softball Quotes


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Amanda Scarborough

Big 12 Freshman of the Year (2005)
Big 12 Player of the Year (2005)
Texas A&M Softball All American ('05 & '07)
Big 12 Pitcher of the Year (2007)
WCWS Appearances ('07 & '08)
Texas A&M Athletic Hall of Fame Inductee (2014)
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  • I love you motivational tips. I have a.grandson who is skilled in several sports but passionate about football. My granddaughter is passionate about several sports. I can slightly modify your tips to apply to either sex and any sport. They are good life tiips. Keep ’em coming. Love them.

  • Amanda – I have twin 16 year old granddaughters who are about to embark on the road to the State Class A Public Softball championship. I would like to do something special for them and their teammates. 7 of the 9 players have been playing together since they were 8 years old – travel ball sponsored by my son, their uncle who has had custody of the twins since they were 7 years old. This is a very special group of young ladies and I would like some ideas for boosting their confidence before they head into this special time. Thank you in advance for any ideas. Janet Green

  • Amanda I’ve played high level Men’s F-Pitch 20 years coached 35 last 20 H.S. & College your thoughts are on target!! I will add when you are green you grow ripe you rot! Stay GREEN! hope to meet you some day when in Northern Ill. Keep up the excellent TV analysis

  • Love the quotes, motivation at it’s very best. Staying positive is the key to success! Thanks!

  • hi❤im a softball player i love your motivation tips. i ‘ve learn so much thank you

  • I want to add one more quote which is my favourite one. “Softball has given me so much in life. It’s taught me the kind of person I want to be, and given me a sweet sisterhood. It even led me to my husband” – Jennie Finch.

  • Thank you for these motivational quotes that I need on these days when my team and I are not performing as well as I know we can. You are such an inspiration to me and I hope to, one day, become a player like you; someone who has the heart to become the greatest she can and spread her words of wisdom with all of the younger softball players who will one day be the greatest, just like you. Thank you for everything you have pushed me to do, because now I am a person who learned to have the heart for softball and the skill that follows. You are my hero, Amanda Scarborough.

  • Thanks Amanda for!!!!being one of my inspirations to be softball player/ pitchers you mean a lot to me and I would like to thank you for that.

  • Thank you so much for your word whoc I am going share with girl on the team i am helping with the girl really need this

  • Amanda question here. How can I get my daughter to stop worrying about making a mistake on the field. She is so worried if she does she will be benched and I am seeing it affect her at bat. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • I am working with two high school age pitchers who need to become more consistent, and less wild (Inconsistent release point). They understand the mechanics, but are not embracing the changes we are trying to get them to do. They throw doing what we ask, it works, then quickly go back to bad habits (comfort zones) and missing the strike zone resumes. They seem too quick to say, ‘it doesnt feel right’ or ‘I am not as fast as I was before the change’. How can we get them to become more metally focused on thowing properly to maintain a pitch-by-pitch discipline??

  • Your quotes have made me try harder and keep pushing.I am a 10 year old pitcher and I love softball you are an amazing person. Somedays I will come home and just look at your quotes and do your drills.I want you to know you have changed my perspective and my life.I hope you know that you are an amazing pitcher and I really do look up to you know madder how small or tall you are.Thank you Amanda Scarborough.

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