Softball Pitching Tips 101

Was just going back through old videos and came across this pitching mechanics one that has basic tips to help you out a long the way. What I love when I look back over this video is the fact that no matter what age you are at, you can always re-learn from going back over basic fundamentals and make sure your body is in check.

I would love to hear your feedback. Here is what others have said:

Thank you, you helped so much! I am 12 and I am going to try to be a pitcher for the fall at my school. I love how you say stuff like “it is just like opening a doorknob” those tips help sooo much!

-Rebecca S

This video helped me alot i am a 12 year old going into 12 -15 and im a pitcher thankyou so much ur amazing!!! 🙂


This helped soo much! im in 7th grade and working on my pitching. i just wish i had a softball when i watched to remember where my hand goes! thanks team express!!

– Anna Williams

Thank-you I’m really new at pitching.This video is helping me with the basics.I am 12 and trying to become a good pitcher.I CAN DO. THIS!! 🙂



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  • Love u I am also a pitcher of Lancaster in manheim I am 12 right know and I am lead pitcher I am hoping to play for lsu softball team in college

  • I’m a senior in high school and i haven’t pitched in 3 years but we need pitchers this year so my coaches are making me pitch. Do you have some tips that will help me through out the season?

    • Go online and STUDY and then practice, then study, then practice. It will be easy to get frustrated, but try not to. Have patience and you will see better results as time goes on!

      • I am 9 years old and I am pitching just like you.. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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