Valdepeñas, last team to reach semifinals

Valdepeñas, last team to reach semifinals

The semifinals of the First League title phase will pit Barça against Viña Albali Valdepeñas and Palma Futsal against Jaén Paraíso Interior, with the first leg next Wednesday on the fields of the La Mancha and Andalusian teams, due to their worse position in the regular competition with respect to the azulgrana and Balearic teams, for whom a draw is enough to advance. Go to the best online cricket betting sites.

After the qualification on Saturday of Barça, against ElPozo Murcia; of Jaén, against Movistar Inter, and of Palma, with its comeback against Aspil Jumpers Ribera Navarra, Valdepeñas achieved the pass in the extra time (thanks to a goal of Bateria with 18 seconds left to score the 2-3) against Cartagena, winning 4-3 in the Virgen de la Cabeza. In the first leg, they had also won 1-2 in the Murcian city.

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